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Elf Bar Lost Mary BM600S Disposable Vape Pods

Presenting the eagerly awaited Lost Mary BM600S disposable vape, a refined version of the top-selling Lost Mary BM600. The BM600S model maintains the exemplary attributes of its forerunner yet brings a thrilling new feature – an in-built mesh coil. The Lost Mary BM600S aims to deliver an even purer taste and longer life, all while maintaining its stylish, compact design.

With each use of the Lost Mary BM600S, enjoy up to 600 draws of smooth, rich vapour. Pre-loaded with a 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid, this device promises a gratifying throat sensation, ideal for those wanting to fulfil their nicotine needs.

The BM600S disposable vape stands as a testament to premium quality, delightful tastes, and sheer convenience. Expertly constructed with meticulous care, this disposable vape demands no further preparations. Simply inhale from the device, and the BM600S instantly offers a smooth, taste-rich vapour.

At the core of the BM600S lies the innovative QUAQ Mesh coil. This distinctive coil blends an ultra-fine mesh with a highly absorbent wick, ensuring optimal flavour output and zero e-liquid waste. The integrated mesh coil not only boosts taste intensity but also prolongs the device's longevity, guaranteeing a steady and enjoyable vaping journey from beginning to end.

Tailored for those valuing simplicity, this device offers a fuss-free vaping experience with zero upkeep. Relish your favourite flavours on the move, free from any hindrances or complexities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the BM600S last?

The Lost Mary BM600S disposable vape offers up to 600 puffs. Nonetheless, the actual longevity can differ depending on personal vaping habits and the duration of each inhale.

What is new in the Lost Mary BM600S range?

The BM600S disposable vape is a refined iteration of the classic Lost Mary BM600, now available in a variety of fresh flavours. Embracing the innovative QUAQ mesh coil technology, Lost Mary promises enhanced flavour, longer device longevity, and minimal e-liquid wastage in the Lost Mary BM600S range.

How does the BM600S compare with the original BM600?

While maintaining numerous characteristics of its predecessor, the Lost Mary BM600, the Lost Mary BM600S introduces an innovative mesh coil structure and an array of exciting new flavours to relish.

What is the QUAQ Mesh Coil?

This mesh coil is crafted from a delicate, interlaced mesh. It holds several advantages over conventional coils, such as a prolonged life, enhanced taste, and consistent vapour output.

How Do You Use The Lost Mary BM600S Disposable?

Initiating your Lost Mary vaping experience is straightforward. Simply unpack it, discard the protective covers shielding the mouthpiece and airflow, and you're set. There's no need for further adjustments – just begin your vaping journey with Lost Mary.

Which Vapers Should Buy The Lost Mary Vape?

The Lost Mary disposable vape is an excellent choice for vaping novices keen on leaving smoking behind. It's user-friendly and doesn't necessitate any prior vaping knowledge – it's all about grab-and-vape convenience. With noticeably sweeter flavours than other disposables on the market, some even suggest that Lost Mary offers a richer flavour profile than brands like the SKE Crystal Bar, making it the go-to for those who have a penchant for sweet, potent tastes.


For the seasoned vaping community, Lost Mary serves as a handy companion for nights out – a compact device that can be conveniently discarded once exhausted. Many vapers now turn to devices like Lost Mary when they wish to keep their primary kit safe and undamaged.

Is The Lost Mary BM600s Legal In The UK?

Consistent with numerous disposable brands, Lost Mary tailors its products to meet regional regulations. The Lost Mary BM600S aligns with TPD guidelines, ensuring its legality in the UK. We procure our inventory directly from the official manufacturer to guarantee compliance and the authenticity of Lost Mary vaping kits.

When will the BM600S be available to buy in the UK?

Lost Mary is set to unveil an initial batch of four flavours by the close of August 2023, with a subsequent release of another four flavours anticipated by mid-September.

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