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Can you vape while driving?




As a responsible driver, it is essential to be aware of the laws and regulations that govern your actions on the road. In this post, we specifically address the question of whether vaping while driving is permitted in the UK. Vaping has grown in popularity recently, but it's important to understand the risks and consequences that could result from this activity, especially when driving. We want to ensure that all drivers put safety first by educating and raising awareness about the risks involved.


Understanding Vaping and its Impact


Vaping, also known as e-cigarette use, involves inhaling and exhaling vapour produced by an electronic device. Although vaping has become more popular, it is important to be aware of its potential risks and adverse consequences, especially when driving. In addition to the safety risks, it's important to consider the legal repercussions of vaping while driving.


Distractions and Impaired Focus


The distraction that vaping while driving causes is one of the main risks. A driver's focus can be seriously diminished from the road if they take their hand off the wheel to manage their vaping equipment, fiddle with the settings, or refill their e-liquid. Accidents are more likely to occur because of this distraction since it can cause slow reaction times, reduce situational awareness, and impair decision-making.


Reduced Visibility


Vaping creates a visible vapour cloud that can impair a driver's vision, especially in small places like a car's interior. The thick vapour may produce a haze that impairs the driver's ability to see properly, impairing their ability to judge distances between objects and potential road dangers. This reduced visibility increases the likelihood of collisions for both the vaping driver and other road users.


Impaired Cognitive Functions


Common e-liquid ingredient nicotine has been shown to have negative impacts on cognitive functions. Nicotine can affect the brain when it is inhaled through vaping, causing a variety of problems. These include a shortened attention span, a reduced capacity to remember things, poor decision-making skills, and poor motor coordination. Driving while vaping makes these cognitive deficits worse and puts everyone else's safety on the road in danger.


The Legality of Vaping While Driving


We must look at the current laws to establish whether vaping while driving is permitted in the UK. Vaping itself is not explicitly forbidden while driving as of the writing of this article in 2023. It is important to remember that vaping can be regarded as a kind of distraction, and that the more general concept of distracted driving is covered by existing regulations.


Potential Penalties for Vaping While Driving


While there may not be a specific punishment for vaping per se, if a driver is observed vaping and it is determined that it distracted them or made it more difficult for them to drive safely, they may be charged with a traffic offence such as careless driving or driving without due care and attention. Depending on the specifics, these offences may result in fines, points applied to one's driving record, and even a possible loss of the right to drive.


Advice for Drivers


We advise the following to uphold compliance to the law and prioritise road safety:

Exercise Caution

While vaping is not explicitly illegal while driving, it is important to exercise caution and avoid any activities that may distract you or compromise your ability to drive safely.

Plan Ahead

If you vape, think about scheduling your breaks before or after your trip. With this method, you may fulfil your vaping demands without taking your eyes off the road.

Create a Supportive Environment

Encourage your family and friends to put road safety first and to stop vaping while driving. We may contribute to the growth of a safer driving culture by jointly promoting responsible behaviour.

Stay Updated

It's important to stay up to date on any changes to the laws or rules governing vaping while driving. Frequently check for changes from reliable government websites or professional driving associations.


How To Avoid Vaping Being a Distraction Whilst Driving?


Making it illegal would likely cause a massive backlash that might resonate across the vaping sector because many vapers admit to vaping while driving, possibly owing to restrictions at home or at work. Here are some helpful hints to make sure it's safe to vape and drive to prevent this from happening:

Open The Window

This method, which is as easy as it seems, is strongly advised when using vape kits that generate a lot of vapour. Naturally, the vapour will leave via the window without impairing vision, thus lowering the danger of a collision.

Being responsible and mature behind the wheel is crucial in and of itself, but vaping adds an additional element that must be recognised throughout. It's important to note that regularly opening the window in a car also helps to keep the residue from building up on the glass.

Choosing The Correct E-liquid When Driving

When using a sub ohm vaporiser, choosing a high VG e-liquid can enhance cloud formation, which could impair visibility. When driving, it is advisable to switch to a high PG e-liquid and a suitable vape kit or pod device, which puts more of an emphasis on flavour without producing large clouds that might be problematic. Click here to search all our e-liquids by the perfect VG/PG ratio for your needs.

Storage of Your Device Whilst Driving

Your device going missing while you're moving is a typical occurrence, potentially because of turning a corner or travelling over a bump. You should never attempt to retrieve it while driving; instead, try to keep your device in a location that is safe and easily accessible. Drink holders and side door pockets are typically safe bets, but glove compartments should be avoided because reaching to the passenger side increases the risk of losing control.




As of 2023, vaping itself is not explicitly illegal while driving in the UK. Drivers must, however, be aware of the broader definition of distracted driving as well as their legal duty to be in complete control of their vehicles. Drivers may support a safer and more responsible driving culture by prioritising road safety, avoiding distractions, and keeping up with the most recent rules. Let's keep in mind that our attention should always be on the road ahead, ensuring a secure and safe journey for all parties.

At Vape Potions, we offer a large selection of e-cigarettes that are incredibly unobtrusive and might be used discreetly in a moving vehicle because they don't emit enough vapour to obscure visibility while still providing the desired nicotine dose. For more information about those devices, get in touch with a helpful member of our customer care team or visit our website by clicking here.

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