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Is my Crystal Bar Fake?

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

SKE Crystal Bar Disposable Vape Pods

We are here to help you stay informed and safeguard yourself against fake bars as a trustworthy resource committed to offering useful information. Fake crystal bars have started to show up on store shelves recently, which is a worrying trend. In addition to endangering consumer safety, these fake products damage the reputation of the legitimate SKE brand. We want to give you the information and resources you need to tell the difference between real and fake crystal bars so you can make an educated decision when buying these goods.


Recognising the Threat


Consumers are at serious risk from fake crystal bars, mostly because they might contain poor quality ingredients, use poor production techniques, and lack basic quality control. These imitations might not adhere to the exacting safety criteria that real crystal bars do, endangering your health and wellbeing. Supporting fake goods also unintentionally encourages illicit activity and hurts the economy.


How to Recognise Genuine Crystal Bars


Learn how to spot fake crystal bars by becoming familiar with their tell-tale characteristics. You may drastically lower your chances of buying fake bars by paying close attention to the following essential factors:

Official Packaging: Genuine crystal bars are presented in attractive, expertly produced packaging that displays great attention to detail. Look for recognisable logos, descriptive text that is easy to understand, and precise nutritional data. Remember the real ones are always produced by SKE and have the SKE logo.

Scan to authenticate: Genuine crystal bars have a scan to authenticate sticker on their packaging that is challenging to imitate. This sticker should have a QR code that you can use to authenticate at

Ingredient Quality: Crystal bars are made with carefully chosen premium ingredients. Genuine crystal bars have a superior composition, which is reflected in their flavour, texture, and scent. Exercise caution if a product you come across demonstrates any peculiar or unsettling characteristics.

Batch Numbers and Expiry Dates: Genuine crystal bars contain batch numbers and expiration dates that are prominently printed on the packaging. Make sure these specifics are provided, and if necessary, cross-reference them with authorised crystal sources to confirm their accuracy.


Where to Buy Genuine crystal Bars


It is advised to only purchase crystal bars from reputable vendors to reduce the chance of unintentionally buying fakes. As a reputable seller you will find we stock all the flavours available for crystal bar.


Reporting Counterfeit crystal Bars


It is crucial to alert the proper authorities if you find any crystal bars that you consider to be fake. By acting, you support the effort being made by everyone to stop the sale of fake bars and safeguard unwary customers. For reporting such instances, please use the following channels:

Consumer Protection Agencies: To report any cases of fake crystal bars, get in touch with your local consumer protection agency. Give them specifics about the store's location, the packaging's appearance, and any other supporting evidence you may have.

Crystal Brand: Contact the crystal brand directly using their customer support telephone number or official website. Their hardworking team can investigate the situation and take the required action to fix it.




As we've explored, safeguarding yourself against counterfeit Crystal Bars is crucial for your safety and enjoyment. By familiarising yourself with the characteristics of genuine products and buying from reputable sources, you can assure a safe and authentic vaping experience.

Let's hear from one of our satisfied customers:

I've been a vaping enthusiast for years, and finding a reliable, high-quality product is paramount for me. That's why I choose Crystal Bars from Vape Potions. I recently purchased a few from their website, and the experience was exceptional. Not only did the bars arrive quickly and in perfect condition, but the flavours were also outstanding, true to the description, and lasted impressively long. What really sets them apart, though, is the peace of mind I get knowing I'm using an authentic product, especially after reading the insightful blog post on identifying fake products. I've tried different brands, but the purity and quality of Crystal Bars are unmatched. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a safe, satisfying vaping experience.

- Jordan, Satisfied Customer

Jordan's experience highlights the value of choosing genuine Crystal Bars. Your health and well-being are paramount. By rejecting counterfeit products and embracing authentic Crystal Bars, you can enjoy a superior vaping experience. Choose wisely, stay informed, and relish the true Crystal Bar experience offered by Vape Potions.

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Ayesha Shahid
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