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Save Our Flavours, Save Lives!

Save Our Flavours, Save Lives!




The UK vaping community faces an unprecedented challenge. The government's proposed ban on a wide range of flavoured e-liquids threatens to reshape the vaping landscape drastically. This isn't just about limiting taste preferences; it's a decision with serious implications for public health, personal freedom, and the fight against the black market.


The Proposed Ban: A Closer Look


The government is considering limiting vape flavours to just four options. This drastic measure aims to curb the appeal of vaping products to young people, addressing concerns about nicotine addiction. However, this well-intentioned effort overlooks the critical role these flavours play in smoking cessation and adult vaping experiences.


The Role of Flavours in Smoking Cessation


Flavoured e-liquids have been instrumental in helping numerous individuals quit smoking. These flavours make the transition away from harmful tobacco products more palatable and sustainable. Studies and personal testimonials have repeatedly shown that a diverse range of flavours is key to this success.


The Implications of the Ban


  • Public Health Concerns: Restricting flavours could unintentionally push current vapers back to smoking, increasing health risks.

  • Economic Impact: A ban could significantly impact the vaping industry, affecting businesses and employment.

  • Black Market Risks: Limited legal options may fuel a rise in unregulated, potentially dangerous products.


Why We Must Oppose the Ban


  • Freedom of Choice: Personal choice is paramount in leading a healthier lifestyle. Restricting flavours infringes on this freedom and undermines public health efforts.

  • Potential Backward Step in Public Health: The ban could negate the progress made in smoking cessation, moving ex-smokers back to more harmful habits.


We urge you to sign the petition against this ban. Your voice is crucial in shaping policies that affect our health and freedom. Sign here and help us make a stand.




In conclusion, the proposed ban on flavoured e-liquids poses more risks than benefits. We must stand united in opposing this measure to safeguard our health, freedom, and the successes achieved in smoking cessation.



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