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Stealth Vaping: Tips for Discreet Vaping in Public




Vaping has becoming more popular, yet there are several circumstances in which it might not be suitable to blow big clouds of vapour. Learning the art of stealth vaping might be crucial whether you're in a crowded area or like to keep your vaping discreet. In this blog post, we'll look at useful strategies and suggestions that will enable you to vape covertly in public places while also answering often asked questions regarding the practise.


What does stealth mode mean on a vape?


Some vape devices have a feature called stealth mode that lets you reduce or turn off the device's visual cues, including the LCD screen or LED lights. By turning on stealth mode, your vaping behaviour will be less noticeable and attract less attention. While using your vape device, you can keep a lower profile by turning off or reducing the lights.


What is the stealthiest vape?


Smaller and more portable vaping devices are typically seen as being the most covert. Due to its portability and less intense vapour production, pod systems and small vape pens are popular options. These devices are often made to blend in and be simple to hide, allowing you to vape covertly in public without drawing unwanted attention.


How can you know if someone is vaping in secret?


It can be difficult to catch someone who is vaping covertly because they frequently take efforts to avoid being seen. However, signs could point to covert vaping. Watch for quick hand-to-mouth gestures or subtle hand movements near the mouth that suggest hiding something. Vapour odours or faint odours of flavoured e-liquids could potentially be a clue. It's crucial to respect others' privacy, though, and it's not always essential to confront or condemn someone based just on suspicion.


Tips for Discreet Vaping in Public


Choose a Stealthy Device

The correct devices must be chosen to vape covertly. Choose portable, little devices that are simple to tuck into your hand. Pod systems and smaller vape pens make great alternatives to larger, cloud-chasing devices because they create less vapour and are less noticeable. To regulate the production of vapour, look for devices with adjustable airflow.

Stealthy E-Liquid Flavours

Your efforts to vape covertly can also benefit from your e-liquid flavour selection. Pick flavours with a milder aroma so they won't draw too much attention. In comparison to dessert or bakery flavours like doughnuts, menthol or fruity flavours are frequently more subtle. As they often blend in with recognised odours in public places, try experimenting with tobacco or coffee flavours. All our e-liquid flavours can be found by clicking here. Additionally, bear in mind that a liquid with less VG will result in less clouds.

Master the Art of Stealth Exhaling

For discrete vaping, proper exhalation technique is required. Try breathing out into a fabric or area of your clothing, such as your sleeve or collar, as opposed to the environment. This aids in vapour dispersion and reduces the visual cloud. Alternately, to reduce the amount of vapour exhaled, take a short, shallow breath following your vape inhalation.

Utilise Stealth Vaping Techniques

There are several ways to improve your experience vaping covertly. A technique called the "ghost inhale" involves taking a long, steady drag, briefly holding the vapour in your mouth, and then inhaling deeply without letting out a visible cloud. Vaping with the "mouth-to-lung" method is another option. This method includes pulling the vapour into your mouth before breathing it into your lungs. By lowering vapour production, this method makes it simpler to vape covertly.




You can take pleasure in vaping discreetly without attracting unwanted attention. You can vape inconspicuously in public places by using devices with stealth mode features, selecting smaller and more discrete vape setups, being aware of subtle signs of discreet vaping, practising mouth-to-lung vaping, and applying tips like stealthy exhaling techniques. Always be considerate of others and follow all applicable local vaping laws and regulations.


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