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Top 10 Most Popular Disposable Vapes - July 2023




Greetings, vape enthusiasts! It's our favourite time of the month – the moment we at Vape Potions unveil our top disposable vape picks for July 2023. Here's a peek into the hot choices this month, influenced by what you, our dear customers, have been loving and what's making waves in the vape scene.

Watermelon Ice SKE Crystal Bar Disposable Vape Pod


Imagine a burst of ripe, juicy watermelon followed by a refreshing icy breeze. A perfect pairing for hot summer days or when you need a fresh pick-me-up.

Our Review: Seriously addictive. It’s like a refreshing watermelon sorbet in vape form.

Blueberry Ice Lost Mary Elf Bar QM600 Disposable Vape Pod


Experience the rush of tart blueberries, meticulously balanced with a frosty finish. This isn't just your average berry experience; it's a flavour expedition.

Our Review: If you're a berry aficionado, this is the stuff of dreams. And the longevity? Much more satisfying than a pack of cigarettes.

Tobacco SKE Crystal Bar Disposable Vape Pod


Rich, deep, and truly authentic – this captures the heart and soul of traditional tobacco. Every puff is a return to the classic, uncompromised taste we know and love.

Our Review: It's nostalgia in a pod. Every time we miss that genuine tobacco taste, this is what hits the spot.

Cherry Peach Lemonade Lost Mary Elf Bar BM600 Disposable Vape Pod


A sensational trio of ripe peaches, succulent cherries, and a hint of zingy lemonade. It's a symphony of flavours that play beautifully together.

Our Review: Feels like sipping on a fruity beverage on a sunlit patio. Absolute delight.

Strawberry Kiwi Lost Mary Elf Bar BM600 Disposable Vape Pod


A harmonious blend where the sweetness of strawberries embraces the tangy undertones of fresh kiwi. It's a balanced, vibrant mix for the fruit lovers.

Our Review: An undeniably juicy combo that had us smitten from the first puff.

Banana Ice SKE Crystal Bar Disposable Vape Pod


Experience the tropical allure of ripe bananas, crafted meticulously with a surprising icy undertone. Each draw is creamy, sweet, and chillingly refreshing.

Our Review: It's a tropical paradise with a wintry touch. Intriguing and oh-so-delicious!

Watermelon Elf Bar Mate 500 P1 Prefilled Pods


Dive into the deep end with a wave of tropical red watermelon, rounded off with a crisp icy exhale. Simple, yet incredibly satisfying.

Our Review: It's like a refreshing dip on a scorching day, and the swappable pods are a game-changer!

Sakura Grape Lost Mary Elf Bar BM600 Disposable Vape Pod


An enchanting blend that merges light, floral undertones with the full-bodied taste of purple grapes. It's not just a flavour; it's an experience.

Our Review: A surprising favourite – fragrant, fruity, and absolutely fabulous.

Pineapple Ice Elf Bar Mate 500 P1 Prefilled Pods


Evoke the essence of tropical beaches with sweet pineapples paired beautifully with a bold icy rush. It's an adventure with every inhale and exhale.

Our Review: A tantalising tropical treat with a frosty edge. Convenience meets exotic allure!

Blue Raspberry Gold Bar Disposable Vape Pod


Plunge into a luscious medley of blueberry and raspberry, crafted with precision and passion. Paired with the advanced Hyper Mesh coil, the flavours truly shine.

Our Review: Bold and berry-licious! And that coil? It’s a game-changer for flavour.




So, there you have it – our curated picks for July 2023. From fruity delights to nostalgic classics, this list has got a bit of everything. When making your choice, consider the flavours, the nicotine hit, and how long you'd like your vape experience to last. And if you're ever curious to explore more, peek at our top 100 disposable vapes. Happy vaping!

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