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What is a NIC Salt Shot?

Zap Juice 18mg Nic Salt Shot




Hey there, fellow vapers! Today, we're diving into the world of NIC salt shots – a game-changer in the vaping scene. If you're an adult vaper looking to explore new avenues or just curious about what NIC salt shots bring to the table, you're in the right place.


The Lowdown on NIC Salts


What Are NIC Salts?

NIC salts, short for nicotine salts, are a form of nicotine that closely resembles what's found in tobacco leaves. Unlike the freebase nicotine in standard e-liquids, NIC salts are smoother on the throat and potentially more satisfying.

Why NIC Salts Are Awesome

Ever tried a vape and felt that harsh throat hit? NIC salts help smooth that out. Plus, they're absorbed faster, so you get that nicotine satisfaction quicker. Ideal for those who've just switched from smoking to vaping and are looking for something that mimics the cigarette experience. Learn more about NIC salts here.

NIC Salts Effects: What Do They Do to You?

One common question is, "What does nic salts do to you?" In our experience, NIC salts provide a more manageable and comfortable vaping experience, especially for those sensitive to harsh throat hits.


Unravelling the Mystery of NIC Salt Shots


NIC Salt Shots: A Quick Overview

NIC salt shots are concentrated nicotine solutions that can be added to shortfill e-liquids. They allow you to customise the nicotine strength of your vape juice. It's like being a bartender but for your vape!

Answering the Big Question: What Are Salt Shots For?

Salt shots are all about customisation. Want a stronger hit? Add more. Prefer a lighter touch? Use less. It puts you in control. Check out our selection of NIC salt shots.

Using NIC Salt Shots

Here's a tip: When mixing, always start with a little, then gradually add more until you find your sweet spot. Remember, it's easier to add more than to take it out! Check out our handy nic shot guide here.


NIC Salt vs. Traditional Vaping


Is NIC Salt Better Than Traditional Vape?

"Is nic salt better than vape?" – a question we often hear. The answer? It depends on what you're looking for. NIC salts offer a smoother experience, but some vapers prefer the sensation of freebase nicotine.

Cigarettes vs. NIC Salt

"How many cigarettes are in a nic salt?" It's a bit like comparing apples and oranges. NIC salts are measured in milligrams of nicotine, while cigarettes are a whole different ball game. But to give you an idea, a 20mg NIC salt shot is roughly equivalent to a pack of cigarettes in terms of nicotine content.


Safety First, Vaping Next


Handling NIC Salt Shots Safely

Safety is paramount. Always handle NIC salt shots with care and keep them away from children and pets. If you spill any on your skin, wash it off immediately.

Choosing the Right Strength

Picking the right nicotine strength is crucial. Start lower than what you think you need, then work your way up. It's all about finding what's comfortable for you.


NIC Salt Shots vs. Other Options


Comparing Your Options

When comparing NIC salt shots with pre-filled pods or freebase nicotine e-liquids, consider factors like ease of use, customisation, and the type of device you're using.

Pros and Cons

NIC salt shots offer more control over nicotine strength and flavour. However, they do require a bit of DIY spirit. Pre-filled options are more plug-and-play but offer less flexibility.




In the world of vaping, NIC salt shots are a fantastic option for those seeking a smoother, more customisable experience. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the game, understanding NIC salts can enhance your vaping journey. Remember to vape responsibly and always keep informed about the products you use. Happy vaping!

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