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Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pods: A Flavourful Review




We explore each distinctive flavour in this outstanding product line in our thorough review of the Zap! Shades Disposable Vapes. These disposables are designed to offer a simple and enjoyable vaping experience. They are convenient, offer excellent performance, and come in a variety of mouth-watering flavours. Come along as we explore the sensory delights that Zap! Shades have to offer as we dig into their world.




The features of each Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pod are as follows:

Ceramic FEELM Coil

The ceramic FEELM coil included in the Zap! Shades Disposable Vape improves performance by enabling up to 25% more puffs while consuming less e-liquid. This coil technology also boosts energy efficiency, which leads to a more enjoyable flavour experience.

Nicotine Strength

The disposable vape pods include 20 mg of salt nicotine in them. The excellent absorption of salt nicotine makes for a more pleasurable and prolonged nicotine experience. It is a great option for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vapers who have recently given up smoking because it consistently offers a nice throat hit without the harshness associated with freebase nicotine.

Battery Capacity

The Zap! Shades Disposable Vape has a built-in 550mAh battery that has enough power to last the duration of your vaping sessions. With this battery capacity, you can get up to 600 puffs out of your favourite e-liquid before the device needs to be safely disposed.

Ready-to-Use and Disposable

The Zap! Shades Disposable Vape's simplicity is matched by its convenience. Without the need for messy coil modifications or charging wires, the device is ready to use right out of the box. You don't need to worry about maintaining or replenishing the device after the pod is empty because you are able to dispose of the entire thing.




Aloe Grape Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pod

Aloe Grape

The Aloe Grape Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pod offers a vaping experience unlike any other. Aloe's cooling properties and grapes' sweetness are combined in this outstanding flavour combination. You'll taste a revitalising freshness with each puff that wakes your taste buds and will leave you craving more. A distinct and delicious vaping experience that whisks you away to a world of sensory bliss is provided by the Aloe Grape flavour.

Apple Crush Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pod

Apple Crush

The Apple Crush Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pod is a must-have for every vaper. This flavour offers a refreshing and upbeat experience by perfectly capturing the aroma of crisp and sweet apples. It's the perfect option for an all-day vape because of the well-balanced combination of fruity and tropical notes that offers a delightful twist. Allow Apple Crush's stimulating flavours to awaken your senses and unleash a fruit explosion with each exhalation.

Crispy Lush Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pod

Crispy Lush

Prepare yourself for a juicy adventure with the Crispy Lush Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pod. Wild strawberries and luscious watermelon are combined in this flavour fusion, which is taken to new heights by the wonderful addition of sweet bubble gum. A burst of sweetness and freshness is released with each inhalation, immersing you in a mouth-watering vaping experience. For flavour connoisseurs looking for the ideal harmony of fruity delight, Crispy Lush is a must-try.

Kyoho Grape Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pod

Kyoho Grape

Introducing the Kyoho Grape Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pod, an extraordinary flavour inspired by the highly sought-after Kyoho grapes. These grapes have a sweet and sugary aftertaste reminiscent of Concord grapes and are renowned for their remarkable juiciness and unmatched freshness. You'll have a satisfying and one-of-a-kind vaping experience as the rich and authentic flavour of these invaluable grapes embraces you with each puff. With a recognisable yet unique flavour that sets it apart, Kyoho Grape perfectly captures the essence of this premium fruit.

Pineapple Slush Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pod

Pineapple Slush

The Pineapple Slush Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pod will transport you to paradise. This captivating flavour, which combines zesty iced pineapple with a luxuriously thick slushy finish, transports you to a world of tropical pleasure. Every inhale is a refreshing sensation thanks to the stimulating and revitalising notes of the ice pineapple, and every exhale is a layer of indulgence thanks to the delectable slushy finish. With each puff, be ready to be whisked away to a relaxing tropical island escape.

Wild Berries Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pod

Wild Berries

The Wild Berries Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pod will transport you to the enticing world of flavours. Each puff of this outstanding mix delivers a blast of incredible flavours as it seamlessly combines a variety of luscious berries. Every inhalation reveals a beautiful combination of flavours, from the delicious foundation of mixed berries to the delicate crisp overtones. A cooling, sparkling layer that appears as you exhale adds even more enjoyment to the already pleasant vaping journey.


The Zap! Shades Disposable Vapes range is proof that convenience, excellent performance, and mouth-watering flavours can coexist. There is a flavour to suit every preference, whether you prefer the cooling mix of Aloe Grape, the stimulating explosion of Apple Crush, or the tropical paradise of Pineapple Slush. Discover the pleasure and simplicity the Zap! Shades Disposable Vapes bring to your vaping experience as you set out on a tasty trip. Check out the entire range here.


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