Berry Blast N One Disposable Nicotine Salt Pod

N One comes in single pod which is suitable for you who likes to try different flavours when it runs out. Enjoy a thrilling assortment of exotic, ripe and juicy berry flavors. N One Berry Blast is an absolute favourite.



  • 20mg Nicotine Salt for true nicotine satisfaction.
  • A fully charged 350mah battery, giving you 300 puffs on average per pod and no need to charge.
  • Leak proof prefilled 2ml chamber giving you the equivalent of 25-30 cigarettes per pod.


Please note: this is a salt based nicotine E-Liquid, which captures the natural salts found in the tobacco leaf to produce a smooth vape without any harsh throat hit. This allows the nicotine to be absorbed quicker in to the body and give you the natural rush as experienced through a smoked cigarette.

Primary Flavours: Berry


VG/PG: 50/50

Size: 2ml


Country: UK


    Berry Blast N One Disposable Nicotine Salt Pod

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