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Cherry Edition IVG 2400 Disposable Vape Pod (4 in 1 Multi Flavour)

Discover the enchanting fusion of flavours with the Cherry Edition IVG 2400 Disposable Vape Pod. This innovative device offers a quartet of distinct cherry-infused experiences, each designed to delight the senses with its unique blend. Crafted for those who appreciate variety and richness in their vaping journey, this 4-in-1 multi-flavour pod is a testament to the artistry of flavour composition. This 4-in-1 multi-flavour device includes:


Blue Razz Cherry: Experience the delightful harmony of sweet blue raspberry and sour cherry in this tantalising mix. The Blue Razz Cherry flavour merges these two contrasting tastes, creating a blend that's both refreshingly sweet and intriguingly tart.


Fizzy Cherry: Indulge in the playful contrast of sweet and sour cherries, enhanced with a fizzy sensation. Fizzy Cherry is a vibrant and exciting blend, offering a sweet combination that tingles the palate with its effervescent charm.


Lemon Cherry Ice: Savour the exquisite balance of sweet and sour lemons intertwined with a twist of black cherry. Lemon Cherry Ice presents a unique blend where the invigorating tartness of lemon meets the deep, sweet notes of cherry, creating a refreshing and delightful taste.


Cherry Peach Lemonade: Delight in this perfect concoction, where the rich taste of black cherry melds seamlessly with the sweet, juicy notes of peach and the zesty tang of sweet lemon. Cherry Peach Lemonade is a symphony of flavours, combining to form a harmonious and satisfying vaping experience.


Each flavour in the Cherry Edition IVG 2400 Disposable Vape Pod is thoughtfully crafted, offering a unique and satisfying vaping experience that caters to a range of preferences.


The IVG 2400 Disposable Vape Pod is a single-use device offering a unique 4-in-1 flavour experience. This compact system includes four 2ml pods, each pre-filled with 20mg nicotine strength nic salt vape juice, and utilises a mesh coil for enhanced flavour. The device is powered by a substantial 1750 mAh battery, supporting up to an impressive 2400 puffs.


Switching between flavours is effortless with the rotating mouthpiece cap, designed for convenient and quick transitions. The IVG 2400 provides significant savings compared to traditional 600-puff disposables, with the added benefit of multiple flavours in one device.


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Primary Flavours: CherryLemonade, Drinks, Ice, Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Peach



  • Unique Rotating Design
  • Up to 2400 puffs per bar
  • Built-in 1750mAh Battery
  • Fully charged out of the box
  • Inhale Activated
  • 20mg Nicotine Salt Strength
  • 4 x 2ml Prefilled Cartridges


Usage Instructions:

  • Insert all four pods upon removing the top cap.
  • Align the cap arrows with pod numbers to select flavour.
  • Switch flavours by lifting and twisting the cap.


Please dispose of the device responsibly at a battery recycling point after use. Enjoy a diverse and convenient vaping experience with the IVG 2400.

Cherry Edition IVG 2400 Disposable Vape Pod (4 in 1 Multi Flavour)

SKU: IVG-2400-020-20mg

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