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Dessert Delight Mystery Pack Disposable Vape Pod Bundle

Treat your senses to the Dessert Delight Mystery Vape Pack, where every puff is a celebration of confectionery perfection. Our meticulously curated selection is a connoisseur's dream, showcasing a lavish array of dessert-inspired flavours that promise to satisfy any sweet craving. Experience the best dessert-flavoured vaping with our meticulously crafted mystery packs.


Our vibrant selection of flavour packs is available in two sizes to suit your vaping desires: choose from 5 or 10 disposable vapes in each mystery bundle. Embrace the excitement of the unknown with each pack, as we include a random assortment of the flavours mentioned in the descriptions. While we aim to give you a diverse range of tastes without repetition, each pack is a unique adventure—meaning you'll never receive the same combination twice.


Cake Collection (cake)


Delve into the Cake Collection, where the classic vanilla cake takes center stage. This pack is a tribute to the timeless joy of cake in all its glorious forms.


Cookie Creations (cookie)


The Cookie Collection is a nostalgic homage to your favourite cookie jar. From the quintessential chocolate chip cookie that harkens back to childhood memories, to the spicy allure of gingerbread, and the rich, buttery notes of shortbread, each flavour is a chapter in a storybook of sweet indulgence.


Cream Dreams (cream, custard, ice cream)


Explore the creamy, dreamy nuances of our Cream Dreams pack. Revel in the airy lightness of freshly whipped cream, dive into the velvety depths of a perfectly set custard, and savour the cold, creamy rush of classic ice cream flavours. It’s a pack that evokes the comfort of your favourite desserts, lovingly crafted into vapour form.


Pastry Paradise (pastry, pudding)


Our Pastry Paradise Pack invites you to a world of flaky, buttery pastries, sumptuous fruit tarts, and warm, soothing puddings. It’s an assortment that captures the essence of a high-end bakery, delivering complex, layered flavors that pastry enthusiasts will adore.


Pack Sizes


  • 5 Pack - 5 x random assortment of disposable vapes (based on flavour pack)
  • 10 Pack - 10 x random assortment of disposable vapes (based on flavour pack)

Dessert Delight Mystery Pack Disposable Vape Pod Bundle


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