Sharp Shooter by Steamin Guns E Liquid

Sharp Shooter by Steamin Guns E Liquid is a fruity, fizzy lemonade with notes of strawberry and raspberry


When it comes to his trade, our sharp-shooter does everything according to Hoyle. A boss who will tag the rag of anyone when it comes to beefing, he is a curly bill who twigs his dicker inside out. While he may be Simon Pure in the deadly arts, however, he is offish in the extreme and something of an odd stick with a penchant for distancing himself from the rest of our group. So although he is unlikely to ever blow up, take on or play to the gallery, he is guaranteed to wind-up difficulty by hook or by crook and in the deadliest way imaginable.


The last man to join our split fair group, our sharp-shooter often gives the impression that he does not care a continental for anyone other than himself. While there is always the chance that he is going to dry gulch one of his so-called allies, however, this is the price you pay for partnering with someone who has taken to beefing like the manner born. A man who likes to ride shank’s mare alone, his ability to wind up fuss and silence hard cases more than makes up for his lack of willigness to bend an elbow with the boys and gals.


A no-boss, bully kind of guy, our sharp-shooter often treads the fine line between thoroughbred and mudsill. Make no mistake; however, if you wake up the wrong passenger you will be sure to be a goner!


Primary Flavours: Lemonade, Strawberry, Raspberry


VG/PG: 70/30

Size: 10ml


Country: UK

Sharp Shooter by Steamin Guns E Liquid

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