The Blacksmith by Steamin Guns E Liquid

The Blacksmith by Steamin Guns E Liquid is a pecan pie drenched in vanilla cream


While we have all met one too many flannel mouths and bunko artists in our time, not all silver-tongued thoroughbreds are of questionable character. Take our sound on the goose Blacksmith, for example, who is a loyal friend to the sheriff and a man who can be relied on to wind up a fuss or bring an end to any difficulty that has troubled this burg. Whether you want to hang fire or hang tough in a fight where you are not heeled, the Blacksmith is a man who will always shoot square and someone that you can tie to no matter what the odds.


The Blacksmith has also got the bulge when it comes to handling weapons, however, and while he may know when to hobble his lip and give up the gun he is more than capable of sharp-shooting when needed. He is also capable of fighting like a Kilkenny cat, so if you want to avoid having your plow cleaned he is the wrong passenger to upset. He also fetches a strong chin to the table too, so if you are unlucky enough to land a punch it will not make a heap of difference. A man in apple pie order, our blacksmith has enough cow sense and game to take the rag off anyone in the burg.


He is also an ace high peace keeper too, which is a good thing when everyone in your group wants to be the first to see the elephant!


Primary Flavours: Nutty, Vanilla, Cream


VG/PG: 70/30

Size: 10ml


Country: UK

The Blacksmith by Steamin Guns E Liquid

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