The Deputy by Steamin Guns E Liquid is a juicy dragonfruit and melon cocktail with a hint of sweet cream


Every cowboy needs a cow girl and our sheriff is no exception, but his deputy is no ordinary, California Widow. In fact, she has more cow sense than your average hard case or bunko artist, while she has served as the sheriffs right hand man through more than her fair share of difficulty without ever shinning out. As fine as cream gravy, she is sound on the goose and often leads the way on occasions when the sheriff is dragged out, dealing with deadbeats or handling fuss elsewhere in this wild, let-it-fly kind of burg.


Never one to beat the devil around the stump, our Deputy is always heeled as an expert in handling every imaginable form of bladed weapon. So not only is she one of the sharpest-shooters in the West, but she can also beef even the most hardened curly Bill by wielding a knife, sword or anything else with a barbed edge. This is bad news for anyone who wants to kick up a row or make a mash, as those who mess with our right as a rivet deputy will soon know what it means to wake up the wrong passenger.


As if all this was not enough, she also cuts a swell too, making her one of the most striking, game and deadliest cow belles ever to set foot in the West.


Primary Flavours: Dragonfruit, Melon, Cream


VG/PG: 70/30

Size: 10ml


Country: UK

The Deputy by Steamin Guns E Liquid

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