The Scrapper by Steamin Guns E Liquid

The Scrapper by Steamin Guns E Liquid is an aniseed and citrus infusion with a slightly menthol exhale


While it would be hard to describe our scrapper as ace high, he is not a man that you want to see blow up. Raised to fight like a Kilkenny cat and swing without thinking, he is a promiscuous bulldozer who appears to be always on the shoot. Constantly traversing the fine line between boss and deadbeat, he is as game as they come and will knock anyone who crosses him into a cocked hat. As far removed from a thoroughbred as you can find, he takes square-shooting to a whole new level and believes that his enemies should pay through the nose for crossing him.


Beneath this blowhard, play to the gallery exterior, however, there beats the heart of a game, let fly scrapper who will never shin out. Just as likely to clean your plow as he is to stand the gaff and bend elbows with the boys, he always likes to split fair and let his fists do most of the talking. Above all else, he will never skedaddle when difficulty comes to the burg, no matter who is up against or whether he is heeled. In fact, he prefers to scrap with his bare fists and give up the gun than shoot straight from the barrel, making him a loyal ally when the odds are against you.


The man least likely to hobble his lip, at least our scrapper is in apple pie order and capable of making a mash (for good or for bad) wherever he goes!


Primary Flavours: Aniseed, Citrus, Menthol


VG/PG: 70/30

Size: 10ml


Country: UK

The Scrapper by Steamin Guns E Liquid

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