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Wismec WM Gnome Coil Heads 5 pack

Wismec WM Gnome Coil Heads 5 pack - These replaceable Wismec WM Coil Heads are designed for use with the Gnome tank. This compact atomizer has amazing potential for vaping at power settings ranging from 30 to 130 Watts. Competing with popular multi-core cloud chasing coils produced by SMOK and other manufacturers, Wismec WM coils feature enlarged Stainless Steel barrels containing coils in a choice of 3 formats. 

5 x Wismec WM01 replaceable coil heads (0.4 Ohms)

This single core coil head is probably the best choice if you’re more interested in flavour than cloud making. Open airflow gives this coil an airy draw, but a thick padding of organic cotton really soaks up the e juice. The end result is a delicious burst of flavour on the tongue. This 0.4 Ohm Kanthal coil can handle settings between 40 and 80 Watts. Wismec suggest trying 55 watts as your starting point.

Wismec WM01 0.4 Ohm Coil Head Features:
0.4 Ohm replaceable WM01 single vertical coil head
For use with the Wismec Gnome tank
Rated at 40 to 80 Watts
Kanthal coil wire with wide central airflow
Enlarged oval wicking holes
Thick, organic Japanese cotton wick
Designed for great flavour & an airy draw

5 x Wismec WM02 replaceable coil heads (0.15 Ohms)

The Wismec WM02 coil comes fitted as standard in a new Gnome tank. This has a dual vertical core format with a total resistance of 0.15 Ohms. This coil head demonstrates the spectacular cloud and flavour performance of the Gnome tank. The WM02 coil will appeal to cloud and flavour chasers. The recommended settings are between 45 and 60 Watts, but any setting in the 30 to 70 Watt range will deliver a satisfying vape.

Wismec WM02 0.15 Ohm Coil Head Features:
0.15 Ohm replaceable WM02 dual vertical coil head
As supplied pre-fitted in the Wismec Gnome tank
Rated at 30 to 70 Watts
Kanthal coil wire with double central airflow
Oversize Stainless Steel barrel
Packed with organic Japanese cotton
Designed to deliver great clouds and flavours

5 x Wismec WM03 replaceable coil heads (0.2 Ohms)

Turn up the heat with this 0.2 Ohm WM03 coil head for your Gnome tank. This triple core coil shows just how much flavour you can get from a high-power vape. To get the most from this coil, Wismec recommend cranking up the power to a setting between 70 and 90 Watts. This big, juicy coil has a specified rating of 40 to 130 Watts.

Wismec WM03 0.2 Ohm Coil Head Features:
0.2 Ohm replaceable WM03 triple vertical coil head
This coil format comes as the spare option with a Gnome tank
Rated at 40 to 130 Watts
Kanthal coil wire with 3 triangulated air channels
Housed in a large Stainless Steel barrel
Deeply embedded in organic Japanese cotton
Designed to deliver high-power flavours & clouds

Designed specifically for the Gnome sub-ohm tank from Wismec that used in the Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen3 Gnome Tank Kit.

These coils feature Kanthal coil wire. This makes them suitable for variable wattage (or bypass) modes only.

Wismec WM Gnome Coil Heads 5 pack


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