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Zap! Shades Disposable Vape Pods

Zap! Shades Disposable Vapes - Simple, Pleasurable, and Flavourful!

Discover the utmost in convenience and fun with Zap! Shades Disposable Vapes. These simple vape pods offer a seamless vaping experience with a selection of unique flavours. To activate, simply draw on the ready-to-use pod; no messy coil modifications are required. The Zap! Shades Disposable Vape is an easy option to dispose of when empty.

The Zap! Shades Disposable Vape delivers better performance thanks to its ceramic FEELM coil. The coil allows for up to 25% more puffs while using less e-liquid. Additionally, it increases energy efficiency, which smoothes out flavour and increases flavour pleasure.

This disposable pod vape offers a great nicotine experience thanks to its 20mg of salt nicotine and delicious e-liquid. Since salt nicotine is easily absorbed, it relieves nicotine cravings more effectively and for longer. Without the harshness connected with freebase nicotine, it provides a constant, pleasant throat hit. This vape will be particularly appreciated by MTL vapers who have recently stopped smoking.

The Zap! Shades Disposable Vape has a built-in 550mAh battery and an effective FEELM coil that up to 600 puffs of your preferred e-liquid. Furthermore, since the entire device can be discarded once empty, charging cables are not required.

Enjoy Zap's excellent flavour, ease, and simplicity! Pick your favourite flavour today to improve your vaping experience! If you have a refillable device, Zap Juice e liquids are a fantastic choice, whether you want nic salts or shortfills.

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