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Age Verification

Why is Age Verification Necessary?

In compliance with the law, it is illegal for any retailer to sell electronic cigarettes and vaping products, including those containing nicotine, to individuals under the age of 18. Therefore, to place an order with us, you must be at least 18 years old.


Since October 1st, 2015, we have been legally obligated to verify the age of new customers purchasing vaping products from our website. By proceeding with your order, you confirm your consent for us to verify your age. The dispatch of your order will occur only after the completion of the verification process.

How is Age Verification Conducted?

During the ordering process, you will be required to provide your email address, full name, billing address, and mobile number. It is important to accurately enter this information, reflecting what appears on your driver's license, electoral roll entry, or personal details provided to your bank or credit card provider.


Your supplied information will be verified by VerifyMyAge, a recognised age verification service in the industry. This process involves an identification check and does not involve a credit check.

What Happens if Age Verification Fails?

We are unable to dispatch your order until your age has been successfully verified. In some cases, automatic age verification using the provided details may not be possible. This can occur if you have recently changed your name or address or if there are accidental errors in the information entered. In such instances, VerifyMyAge offers additional options for age verification, including:


  • Uploading a photo taken on your phone, which is then verified using advanced Age Estimation software.

  • Uploading a picture of your driver's license or passport displaying your date of birth.

  • Providing a credit card for a nominal charge of £1, which will be immediately refunded. Issuance of a credit card in the UK requires individuals to be over 18, differentiating it from a debit card. By using a credit card, we can be assured that you are of legal age.


If none of the above options are feasible, we will contact you to request additional information. Rest assured that we will strive to make this process as convenient and unobtrusive as possible. In the event that verification fails or you do not complete the age verification process, we send email reminders. If we are still unable to verify the age after 48 hours, we cancel the order and issue a refund.

How is Your Personal Data Handled?

Our age verification service provider will solely utilise your personal data to confirm your age. It is important to note that all the methods mentioned above are completely secure and encrypted. You can review VerifyMyAge's Privacy Policy for further information.

Will Age Verification Be Required for Every Order?

Once your age has been verified, subsequent verification will not be necessary. Our system will be updated to reflect the successful completion of the age verification process.

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