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Find Your Perfect E Liquid by VG/PG Ratio

This is the ultimate source for finding your ideal PG/VG ratio. Here you'll find all of the VG/PG ratios available, as well as information on what they're made of and the best combinations for varied vaping experiences, such as a more intense flavour or an all-day vape. First and foremost, let's go over some fundamentals: ingredients!

E liquid, often known as vape juice, is made up of three primary ingredients:

Propylene glycol (PG)

A thinner ingredient added to e liquids to make them suitable with lower-powered devices, such as most beginner vape kits and pod kits. The throat hit of an e-juice is caused by PG, which is also an effective flavour carrier. PG does not produce as much vapour as VG does on its own.

Vegetable glycerine (VG)

A thicker substance obtained from natural sources that's ideal for vapers looking to create massive clouds.

Artificial flavourings

Laboratory-made imitations of natural flavours using synthetic compounds called esters.

The differences between PG and VG

VG helps with vapour production​

PG is more efficient in wicking than VG and has a stronger throat hit.

Some people are sensitive to VG or PG

PG carries flavour better

Finding the correct flavour and ratio is a matter of personal preference; if one doesn't suit you, try another. Just look around and try a few things; you'll find something that suits you in no time.

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