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Nic Shots | Nicotine Shots for Shortfills

You can include these 10 ml bottles in shortfill bottles of flavourless e liquid. These are typically known as "nic shots" or "nicotine shots" and are used to increase the nicotine levels of 0mg e liquids such as shortfills. Buying nicotine shots is a requirement for the majority of shortfill users. We provide a wide range of nic shots made by the greatest vendors. We provide a range of strengths, from 18mg to 20mg, and different VG/PG ratios because every vaper is different, though 18mg nic shots might be the most popular.


Additionally, we offer traditional freebase shots and nic shots that use nic salt for a smoother throat hit. It's incredibly simple to locate a shot that matches your shortfill because there are so many different VG/PG ratios available. Nicotine shots are recommended for use with short fill e-liquids.

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