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Cherry Juice N Power Disposable Vape Pod

Cherry juice n power disposable vape pod delivers the iconic taste of a rich and flavorful cherry to your senses, giving you all the exquisite juiciness that this fruit has to offer. Inhale a pure cherry flavour that will tingle your senses, a flavour with classic notes of sweetness and a tart undertone.


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    Primary Flavours: Cherry



    • Beginner-Friendly
    • Compact Disposable Kit
    • Inhale Activated
    • Powered by 500mah battery
    • Up to 600 puffs
    • Smooth Throat Hit
    • Fully charged out of the box
    • E Liquid Capacity: 2ml of liquid

    Cherry Juice N Power Disposable Vape Pod

    SKU: JuiceNPowerPod-011-20mg
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