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Vanilla Flavoured E Liquids

E liquids with vanilla flavours are among the most widely used for vaping. They're a favourite among both new and experienced vapers because of their flavour, which is light and sweet. Even while a vanilla vape on its own can be straightforward, this versatile spice can be included into almost any flavour combination. Traditional dessert flavours like ice cream or vanilla custard create a smooth, creamy dessert vape. In addition, vanilla is used in a variety of flavours, from tobacco to fresh fruits, where its velvety richness is used to enhance or mellow the other flavours. Vanilla gives sweet flavours like chocolate or caramel a pleasant twist when combined with one another.

Our vanilla disposable vape pods are also a great alternative if you prefer something a little easier to use, as they deliver a smoother throat hit that complements the flavour in a simple device.

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