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Top 10 Most Popular E-Liquids - July 2023




Thanks for joining us as we share our top e-liquids picks for July 2023! E-liquids truly bring the magic to vaping. Whether you're drawn to fruity vibes, comforting desserts, or the classics like tobacco, our top 10 list, guided by what the vaping community loves and the latest trends, is just the ticket.

Blue Razz Lemonade Nic Salt by Bar Juice 5000 E Liquid


A quirky blend that tells the story of blue raspberries combined with the zestiness of fresh lemonade. It's inspired by a colourful history and crafted to perfection.

Our thoughts: It’s not just an e-liquid, it’s a trip to a nostalgic candy store – full of playful sweetness.

Elfbull Ice Elfliq Nic Salt by Elf Bar E Liquid


A tantalising concoction that captures the essence of an energy drink, cooled down with a refreshing icy sensation.

Our thoughts: If you need a midday pick-me-up, this will do the trick!

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Elfliq Nic Salt by Elf Bar E Liquid


An exotic fusion of tangy kiwi, aromatic passion fruit, and lusciously creamy guava – it’s a tropical getaway with every puff.

Our thoughts: One for those daydreams of beach hammocks and palm trees.

Strawberry Ice Cream Elux Legend Nic Salt by Elux E Liquid


Sweet, ripe strawberries swirled into velvety vanilla ice cream, creating a dessert sensation for the senses.

Our thoughts: It’s a classic dessert that never disappoints – especially with that double flavour kick!

Boulevard Shattered Nic Salt by Wick Liquor E Liquid


A mesmerising combo of Mardi Gras fruit punch with a distinctive touch of Malibu Loganberry.

Our thoughts: Bold, distinctive with a mysterious allure.

Fresh Menthol Mojito Nic Salt by Bar Juice 5000 E Liquid


Experience the coolness of menthol, coupled with zesty lime and a touch of sweet sparkle, reminiscent of the classic Cuban mojito.

Our thoughts: Sipping this is like being transported to a beachfront bar in Havana.

Cola Elux Legend Nic Salt by Elux E Liquid


The effervescence of a traditional cola, masterfully balanced between sweet and tangy, making it a refreshing treat.

Our thoughts: Old-school cola lovers, this one's your passport to nostalgia.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry Elfliq Nic Salt by Elf Bar E Liquid


A balanced harmony of bold blueberries, intertwined with both sweet highlights and tantalising sour raspberries, delivering a burst of flavour.

Our thoughts: Berry lovers, prepare to be enchanted!

Blackcurrant Burst by Buddha Vapes E Liquid 120ml Shortfill


Dive into the crisp freshness of blackcurrants, elevated with a cool menthol rush, and rounded off by the distinct taste of aniseed.

Our thoughts: Complex, fresh, and truly delightful – the aniseed is the cherry on top!

Watermelon Ice Elux Legend Nic Salt by Elux E Liquid


Savour the sweetness of ripe watermelon paired with an icy cool finish, crafted for those balmy summer days.

Our thoughts: It's the refreshing summer treat you didn't know you needed!




With July's top e-liquids, you have a myriad of flavours and strengths to explore, ensuring every vaper finds their jam. Whether you're in the mood for tobacco, dessert, or a fruity concoction, we've got something for you. And if you're in for a deeper dive, don't forget to check out our top 100 e-liquids or dive into our flavour finder to fine-tune your pick, and embark on a flavour-filled journey. Happy vaping!

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